September 23, 2021

Why Us

Share Button has worked to help businesses across the planet grow and flourish. Utilizing an extensive list of features, we responsibly connect hundreds of thousands of phone calls a day, uniting businesses with new and existing customers, and helping them establish a leading presence in wide-ranging markets in the process.

Why SmartTollFreeNumber?

Manage your account from anywhere with the online control center

Streamline the phone management process by accessing account information anytime, or anywhere.

Create better organization by using as many extensions as you want

Does your business have multiple employees? Give them each their own extension so that no call gets misplaced. Have callers bypass menus by calling the party they would like to reach directly.

Never lose calls due to network problems by utilizing our failover routing features

Set-up failover routing using a combination of up to 15 PSTN numbers or SIP devices, guaranteeing that no caller will ever be greeted with a busy tone or an error message.

Integrate fax transmissions with your email

Sick of unreliable, bulky fax machines? Set-up fax-to-email and faxes sent to your number will be sent directly to any email address listed on your account as a .PDF or .TIFF for easy organization.

Set-up comprehensive, customizable voice menus

Create your own voice menu, and will guide callers to the department they are looking for.

Establish rules for call forwarding based on time

Control where calls are forwarded during specified times of day, or days of the week.

Send important voicemail to an email address

Never lose vital messages by having them forwarded to your email address, saving space and eliminating clutter.