September 23, 2021

USA Phone Number

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A USA Phone Number Can Make All the Difference to Your Business

Whether you are a small company looking to expand to other markets or an international corporation, the US market may be a place you’ll want to consider doing business. However, US customers find it confusing to dial outside of their country, and often aren’t willing to try a brand that doesn’t advertise a 1800 toll free number or local USA phone number. Expanding into the US market can be easier than you think. Imagine that you have a business based in Sidney and already have an Australia phone number but you would now like to do business in Philadelphia. All you would need to do is get a USA phone number and then forward it to a mobile number, home office, or contact center of your choosing.

How Do You Integrate a USA Phone Number into Your Business?

Just because you want to do business in the United States doesn’t mean that you need to open up facilities or hire employees there. So how can you expand into this vital market without spending a lot of time and money, or creating infrastructure? Planning is vital. Integrate your new USA phone number, either a local or toll free 1800 number, into your business. You can advertise this USA number in email campaigns, online ads, website copy, social media, TV, and radio. You can also integrate your virtual USA phone number with a number of smart call forwarding features such as time/day routing, sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing, SIP (VoIP forwarding), and international ringback tones.