September 23, 2021

Toll Free Numbers

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Toll Free Numbers Help You Extend Your Brand in New Markets

Toll-free numbers can provide your business with a powerful way to expand your brand to additional markets, either within the country of origin, or beyond its borders.  Small businesses can appear to be larger or have a national presence to give potential customers the confidence to call them. Large companies can use toll-free numbers as a way to establish a relationship with potential clients, by giving them a free, easy way to contact them. For businesses interested in going international, toll-free numbers can make a large-scale brand impact. To streamline the process, many companies utilize virtual toll-free numbers to forward customer calls to one central location, essentially combining the positive effects of having a toll-free number, and having a local number.

 How to Use Toll Free Numbers to Market Your Company

It’s a lot easier than you might think to buy and activate toll-free numbers. Some commonly used strategies in picking the perfect toll-free number include selecting digits that repeat, digits that are sequential, or digits that spell a word, acronym, or the name of your company. Billboards, banner ads, outdoor signage, TV ads, radio spots, and other forms of advertising often only hold a customer’s attention for a few moments while toll-free numbers that stand out, and have a better chance of being remembered and used than a simple ad.