July 16, 2018

Parking to cost at PDH site from start of December

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Parking to cost at PDH site from start of December

“The areas that are currently http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ ‘barriered off’ will remain so, as in the past they have attracted travellers encampments, which is not something we want to encourage.

“We have not decided how much it will cost to park there yet.

“We also want to make sure it is a reasonable rate for commuters and Christmas shoppers in the city, as it is a good site that is closer to the city centre than some other car parks.”

The news was welcomed by Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough, but he said the decision should have been made earlier.

He said: “It is the same old story. The level of competency of the management of that site beggars belief.

“If they had an Olympic medal for ineptitude they would win it.

“It is now two cheap jerseys years that site has been clear and they have done nothing. Anyone would think they had money to burn when actually they have a 54 million overdraft.

“They just need a proper plan and to stop wasting money.”

This week, the plans to charge for parking were given a mixed reaction by Peterborough Telegraph readers on our website.

Joff said: “If motorists have managed to find crafty places to park for free then more fool to the landowners that haven’t cashed in on this sooner. Even Sessions House started charging for car parking space whilst the restaurant was closed for refurbishment.”

But J J Carter added: “No work in Peterborough but let’s fleece the hard pressed commuter. No doubt the ‘senior health chiefs’ are on easy street with gold plated final salary pensions with retirement at 60.”

Mindthegap said: “The old staff car park which was run by a private contractor offered cheap station car parking. This car park often had over 100 cars parked in it. Presuming any car park fees collected would be distributed to front line services then its no brainer to open the old hospital car parks.

“Perhaps offering it to the same contractor who ran the old Midland Road car park, 3 per day would offer commuters a cheaper car park and raise money for the NHS. Win/ win?”.