August 5, 2020

Your Guide To Google Plus B2B Marketing

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Developing your business online takes time and effort–there’s no question about that. There are also many avenues to consider and many ways to grow your business. For B2B brands, one social platform is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing tool: Google Plus. Not only does Plus have a strong connection to Google Search, but Google considers Plus the “spine” of it’s user experience–possibly even MORE important than it’s massive search engine! Businesses are flocking to Google Plus, and it’s full of influencers and decision-makers, making it perfect for B2B marketing.

Google Plus has the power to not only to let you share your content, but to help boost your ranking to help you get found by new readers.

Ready to get started? Check out the infographic below, which shows you the steps you need to take to power up your Google Plus account. Once that is established, you need to get social. Below you will find suggestions of what type of content does well, how to effectively use mentions and hashtags for better results, and great tips to help you succeed on this network. If you keep growing your Google network and engaging your followers, you will succeed!