September 23, 2021

Get a Toll Free Number

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Is It Time to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business?

It’s never been easier or more cost effective to get a toll free number for your business. If your company is looking to find new customers or to expand to more than one region, city, or country then a toll free number may be exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t let potential customers choose another company because it is using a toll free number. Toll free phone numbers have been proven to increase response rates, and increase customer confidence in your brand. Also, the cost of activating a 1800 number can be offset by forwarding customer telephone calls to a mobile line, home office, or business headquarters. Additional savings can be gained by organizations that centralize sales and call center activities and avoid the pitfalls of renting more office space or hiring reps in faraway locales.

Once You Get a Toll Free Number How Do You Maximize Its Use?

When you decide to get a toll free number you first may want to select a vanity phone number that can help you advertise your business with a memorable word, part of a word, or name of your company. Don’t forget the basics. Replace your current phone number on your websites, business cards, stationery, and on brochures and sales sheets with your new toll free number. It’s also the perfect opportunity to investigate using your new 1800 number in promotional and advertising opportunities such as radio and TV spots, outdoor signage and point of purchase displays, emails and enewsletters, search and banner ads, and even social media.