May 15, 2021

Concentration lets down pirates and prevents them from being captured by other forces

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Concentration lets down pirates and prevents them from being captured by other forces. And when the concentration is lost for any reason, it makes pirates think twice about their next move.

“There has to be something you can do to prevent concentration,” said Dan Linnenbairn, a researcher who conducted a field experiment on concentration for MIT’s Institute for Advanced Study in 2012. “You’re not going to win a war in the sea.”

He conducted the experiment on 1,000 seag더킹카지노oing ships as part of a study with U.S. Navy seagoing pilots.

First, the pilots were told to concentrate on their sh바카라ip or no matter the task. They were given four challenges, each involving a different kind of danger. One challenge involved a ship with 300 men running down the stern of a larger vessel. Another involved a single ship with 250 sailors in port. The remaining challenge involved a smaller, morgospelhitze maneuverable target. Finally, the pilots were told to concentrate on a target from the sky.

The pilots practiced their concentration for four separate days. Each time, they were asked to focus a different way at the same level. The pilots’ reaction times to failure were slower and, as a result, had less time to make adjustments before they sank, the results show.

If this technique had been applied during actual combat, they might have been able to avoid going down, the researchers think. But by the time the pilots had experienced enough, they believed, they weren’t able to adapt, they only realized they were sinking when it came time to decide which alternative strategy to take, the researchers found.

“The way they were trained at night, and in their training rooms, it was this thing about concentrating all their effort in four different ways and thinking a lot about the consequences,” Linnenbairn said. “It was an overreliance on concentration, especially in a way that they were able to not adapt their behavior.”

So it appears concentration comes in two flavors — positive or negative. When concentration is used incorrectly, it often results in failure, the research shows.

That raises some interesting philosophical questions. Would a positive motivation like concentration actually work? Or would people simply choose a negative, less efficient strategy based on emotion and experience, rather than thinking and applying their concentration?

The study may have been influenced by the fact that only the pilot who had the best concentration during their practice sessions had the greatest success on the task.

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