March 24, 2017

Smartphone Revolution: A Retailers Guide to the New Mobile Market

Smartphone Infographic

Smartphones are taking over. They are designed to make our lives easier; if you can think of something, there's probably an app for it, so it's no surprise that consumers are using their phones for everything from managing finances to digesting the latest viral video. For this reason smartphone … [Read more...]

How an Effective Call Routing System Can Help You Take Control Over Peak Business Hours

How an Effective Call Routing System Can Help You Take Control Over Peak Business Hours

It you’re calling the IRS in the next few weeks, chances are your hold time will be astronomical. If you call in six months (August) you will likely get right through. This is because the call volume fluctuates considerably. If you call a company during lunch, for instance, it will be considerably … [Read more...]

Marketing Reinvented: The Best Mobile Ads of 2013/2014

Marketing Reinvented: The Best Mobile Ads of 2013/2014

Over the last few years, mobile marketing has advanced very creatively and uniquely. It began as banner ads across the bottom of apps, back when the iPhone ran on EDGE and the Droid was brand new. However, all technology advances exponentially faster every year, and mobile advertisements are no … [Read more...]

How a Premium Phone Number Forwarding Service Can Give Your Business Instant Credibility

How a Premium Phone Number Forwarding Service Can Give Your Business Instant Credibility

Have you ever come across a business with an out-of-state, long distance number and felt inclined to call them to make a purchase? Me neither. Most people would feel like that those at the terminating end of the number also take third party, out of state, starter checks. In today’s world, any … [Read more...]

How to Operate an International Toll Free Number through Skype

Person operating a toll free number through skype

Staying in touch with customers is a crucial part of any business. Not only do you want your customers to be able to reach you to place an order, you also want to be able to alleviate any concerns they have and answer questions. The best way for a business do this is to set up a toll free number. An … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Toll Free Number Service for Microenterprises: Think Big Look Big

Best Toll Free Number Service

Businesses are typically classified into one of four categories: micro, small, medium, or large.  Companies fall into one of these categories based upon several factors, including required startup capital, number of employees, and annual earnings. Though different countries classify each according … [Read more...]

Your Guide To Google Plus B2B Marketing


Developing your business online takes time and effort--there’s no question about that. There are also many avenues to consider and many ways to grow your business. For B2B brands, one social platform is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing tool: Google Plus. Not only does Plus have a strong … [Read more...]

The Importance of Virtual Lines for Legal Professionals


In the legal world, it is critical for law firms to streamline processes and maintain proper time tracking to ensure accurate billing. Firms may invest in specific software programs to help with tracking, but many ignore the very telecommunications and data systems that keep them connected to their … [Read more...]

Law Firms, Vanity Toll Free Numbers, and Branding


In the ultra-competitive legal environment, new client acquisition is critical to a firm’s survival. Yet it is also often the biggest challenge most firms face.  In every market across the country, there are a surplus of law firms competing for a limited number of cases and clients. A strong … [Read more...]

The New Legal Firm: Leaner, Streamlined, and Nimble


The legal market is changing rapidly, and according to a 2014 report released by the Georgetown University Law Center and Peer Monitor, firms need to begin rethinking traditional business models. The exponential growth that many firms have taken on over the years is not sustainable, according to the … [Read more...]