July 16, 2018

parking top list for RIH site plan

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parking top list for RIH site plan

More surgical space and parking are key priorities of Royal Inland Hospital’s new master site plan, a document that will guide capital development through the next 15 years.

Marg Brown, IHA’s health services administrator, said Tuesday the plan is now available for public review following more than a year of work.

The plan identifies two key priorities a new multi storey surgical and in patient tower and a new multi level parkade on Columbia Street with room for clinical services and direct linkage to the hospital.

“It’s exciting news,” she said.

The plan will shape capital development based on foreseeable need, Brown said. Planners looked at the needs of the community in the coming years as well as expected changes to demographics and technology.

The new surgical and in patient tower creates the space needed to provide critical services and reduce wait lists while the proposed parkade on Columbia Street answers concerns about access, she said.

Brown said the location proposed for the new parkade appears to be the same as one proposed for a similar structure more than 12 years ago. That parkade was largely scuttled by the actions of Emily Ferguson, a 12 year old Kamloops girl who launched a ribbon campaign and petition.

The public outcry about the loss of the decades old elm and ash trees led health officials to find other solutions to the parking problems of the day.

Brown said she is not aware of the precise location of the previously proposed structure.

“I’m not quite sure where specifically, but it would be along (Columbia Street)” she said.

A new parkade was identified as a priority because too many people struggle with the “marathon of stairs” to RIH from Columbia Street, she said.

“The parkade will help people link directly (to RIH),” Brown said.

Lastly, the master site plan calls for an improved location for the helipad, she said, moving it closer to emergency services.

Brown said she does not know the costs of http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ the proposed capital upgrades, although some have speculated a price tag of more than $350 million.

Final costs will be identified with the creation of an internal business plan, she added.

“At this point we do not have that. I can’t speculate. But you can bet, it’s not going to be cheap,” she said, noting recent renovations at RIH topped $20 million.

“It’s fairly big dollars we are talking about.”

Brown said the provincial government has been involved in the planning process.

“We really need to move forward and address those (priorities),” she said.

The city’s MLAs praised the plan.

Kamloops MLAs Kevin Kreuger and Terry Lake praised the plan as “moving forward” with the provision of health care.

Mayor Peter Milobar said he was pleased to see a plan that proposes significant capital spending.

“This project sends a clear signal that RIH is a tertiary care hospital, has a long future and is meant to be a strong anchor in the community.”

He said it’s possible the parkade versus trees issue could cause concern as it did in 1999, but added IHA might be able to mitigate the loss with tree planting programs.

“We’ll have to see what the community has to say about that.”

He added RIH is geographically constrained and there cheap jerseys is need for better parking and access.

“We have huge problems with people trying to access RIH from Columbia Street. This (expansion) would give us the street level connection to the hospital.