April 29, 2017

What Can a Toll Free Number do For Your Business?

  • Produce a bigger playing field
    Toll free numbers instantly take your business across the country and overseas. With the ability to reach many more customers than within your local area, your services can now be marketed globally.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    When your customers need you, the last thing they want is an inability to reach you. A toll free number provides each customer with the availability to get ahold of you anytime, anywhere.

  • Provide credibility and trustworthiness, instantly
    86% of customers automatically associate a toll free number with the quality of the business or the services it offers. Toll free numbers give off the impression of a bigger business than you may be, telling customers that you know what you’re doing.

  • Open the door to multiple Services
    Toll free numbers don’t just give your business a 1-800 prefix. They also include other helpful services, including call forwarding, fax and voicemail to email, SIP (VoIP) forwarding, call waiting, and call transfer.

  • Cut Costs
    Isn’t this all very expensive? To answer briefly - nope! Some plans are as low as $10 a month and once you have a toll free number, it is always portable. If your business changes locations, your number can move with your business. It’s as easy as that.

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